HALLOWEEN PRINT! and whats coming up..


So, things have a been a little quiet on the site this month, needless to say im working away as usual on many things, firstly..new print!

This a new print for Dark City Gallery, based on the classic horror film Halloween! this is of course based on the original version and not the remake. The print is now available from Dark City right here. Printing as always is courtesy of whiteduck and doing a spectacular job as always. PS: look at the moon!

Secondly i will be posting about an exciting new project soon that is unsurprisingly print based..keep your eyes peeled for something quite pink in colour.

THIRDLY..yes i know my site has been a little light on new portfolio content, im mainly waiting for things to be allowed to be posted, but when they are i will be getting a lot up in the portfolio section, probably around christmas time.


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